Kundalini Yoga offers ancient practices that use concentrated breath techniques, dynamic movements, mantras, and meditation to cultivate deeper awareness. Expect to move your body, enliven your overall energy and to shift out of stagnation. Each class will be closed with meditation. Yoga experience is helpful but not required.

We realize not everyone has props at home. Here are some good substitutions if you don’t have something!
• Bolster: couch cushions, 2-3 rolled blankets, blocks with blankets on top to soften
• Yoga Blanket: bath/beach towel (they are a little thicker & more sturdy than a normal blanket)
• Blocks: Firm cushions, folded blankets, books (might be worth the home investment to buy blocks)
• Strap: bathrobe tie, scarf, neck tie

  • Allison
    23 items


    23 items

    Allison ventured down the yoga path in 2005. Fifteen years of social work and a life time of people pleasing required some healing. The connection was instant. Allison is a RYT-500 and is certified to teach Kundalini Yoga, Restorative Yoga as well as Prenatal Yoga.

    Allison has extensively practi...

  • Set Your Energy for the Day

    Kundalini practice to get your energy moving for the day!
    Suggested Props: Blanket