Born and raised in Albany, NY by a lineage of school teachers – I came to yoga after years of self-destructive behavior, partying, and heading down the wrong path in the fast lane. I stumbled into a yoga class at a gym attempting to “change my life,” and something just clicked with me there. I continued my practice for a couple of years at the gym and local studios until I found a teacher that brought me to tears every single class. 

Something was moving, shifting inside of me. I was going through some big changes in my life and yoga became my form of medicine and healing. After sticking with that teacher (thanks Elex for the years of crying savasanas) for a number of years, one day in class as we were prompted to set our intention, I knew I wanted to share this gift that was given to me through the ever-marvelous practice of yoga. I pursued my first yoga teacher training and was lucky to be able to teach for a while at some wonderful local studios. I soon after pursued a second teacher training, sprinkled with inspiring workshops and continuing education opportunities with master teachers nationally over the years. Eventually, along the way my husband and I decided it was time to embark on opening our own studio, Jai and the rest is history! I feel lucky to have crossed paths with many wonderful teachers and students that have opened my eyes to the intricacies and magic of this practice + life and encouraged me to continue to expand my studies +  stay ever-inspired (and mesmerized!).

One of my passions has always been building community and I am now able to nourish a community that is so special and important to me, my own journey, and with the hand of Divine Grace, the Capital Region at large.

My two awesome kids Judah and Sage and my hubby keep me humbled and going. I am so lucky to love what I do! When I teach yoga I feel inspired to serve and lead. I love to share lessons I’ve learned through my own challenges to shine even a little bit of light on my students’ paths through the wise lens of Yoga. I am a big yoga nerd and take my studies seriously. It keeps everything exciting + fresh and I love to share what I am learning with my students.

My classes are grounding but also fun and exploratory. I aim to include the perfect alchemy of my favorite yoga components in my classes: kirtan, deliberate asana instruction, intention + breath. My hope is to facilitate each student to create space to process all elements of their multifaceted landscapes of life, tune into what is right for them, and create mental clarity + inner peace.

My goal as a teacher is to be a lifelong student and encourage my students to do the same. One of my greatest professional joys is to direct the Jai Yoga Teacher Training which I’ve been doing annually since 2015. It has been a huge honor teaching in this capacity alongside my colleagues whom I deeply respect + a great opportunity to meet many great souls that have trusted us along the way. I give deep thanks every day to my family, my teachers, and our rock star community for making this journey possible and oh, so special. 

See you on your mat.

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