By the loving hand of her mother, Ayla was brought to her first yoga class around the age of 12. Growing up unathletic and quite uncoordinated, she felt the “exercise” scene to be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. She had seen the refuge and freedom yoga offered her mother during the most challenging point of her life. After her first class, Ayla felt a resonance that drew her back to class each week. Inspired by the authenticity and moving words of her dear teacher, Samantha Jo, she began peering deeper into her own life and purpose and was led to Bhakti yoga. This community of people living such intentional, devotional, yet still human lives opened the door to the possibility of living a conscious and purposeful life herself. Moving through all of lifes’ chaos with connectedness and mindfulness is in no way easy, but yoga allows Ayla to experience presence in her life and body, a moving meditation. To be able to offer even a glimpse of that space to others was her dream.

Ayla took up Yoga Teacher Training at Jai after looking for trainings all over, only to find the perfect one just 10 minutes from home. Under the instruction and precious care of Meg and Dustin Horan, Jai has offered a space to learn, connect, laugh and thrive. For her, teachers who encouraged presence, wherever students are at, made the greatest impacts on her practice.

Ayla’s classes offer a variety of options for moving and deepening, intentional breathing and room to explore.

Outside of the studio Ayla loves podcasts, walking nature trails, and sippin’ on a good coffee! Let her know if you have any recommendations for those things when you see her in class!

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  • Dancer's and Splits

    Dancer's Pose; Natarajasana & Splits; Hanumanasa
    Move through a balance challenging standing sequence to open the hips and shoulders.

    Suggested Props: Blanket and 2 blocks

  • Core Fire and Cooling Headstands

    Ignite strength in the core to guide you into stable, strong headstands
    Suggested Props: 2 blocks

  • Visvamitrasana and Side Bends Play

    Building heat and strengthening core while getting deep into the hamstrings. Options to play with kundinyasana, flying crow, and visvamitrasana. If you'd like, two blocks can enhance some of the asanas here.

  • Strong and Open Arms

    A class to strengthen your chaturangas and use them to further your stability in other postures like kundinyasana!
    Suggested props: 2 blocks